A mythical and charming name, behind which lies a grandiose king, son of Zeus and Danae, but also a rare and unique technique from Japan. In choosing this doubly symbolic name, Nawal Laoui asserts her desire to play with words and give them ever greater power, magnifying her history and that of the “pierced” diamond. Indeed, the Persée jewelry collections are driven by the desire to present a pure diamond, sapphire, ruby or emerald, offered to the skin in complete authenticity.

A precious savoir-faire that Nawal Laoui brought back from Japan, to further enhance the brilliance and prestige of these stones. For its founder, Persée is a creation at the crossroads of her travels around the world, through time, but also through art. A brand conceived as a sparkling tribute to audacity and grace, represented by gemstones freed from their settings. A revolutionary elegance and absolute attention to detail that have earned the Persée brand worldwide acclaim from renowned institutions.