Chopard and Bahrain Jewellery Centre jointly held an exclusive event at Chopard Boutique in Modal Mall Bahrain, on June 12, 2009. The event marks brand’s support for The Dreams Society, a foundation that helps realize the dreams of children who suffer from terminal illnesses and debilitating diseases. Co-president and Artistic Director of Chopard, Caroline Scheufele says “when you’re lucky enough to lead a charmed life, it is only right to help those for whom life is a trial.”

The importance of the values that have forged the shining reputation of the Geneva-based Maison: humanity, generosity and kindness are the essential qualities governing the vibrant creativity and the taste for aesthetic wonderment cultivated in the ateliers of this family-run Maison. Beyond its stature as the symbol of lovers, it evokes the heart as a giver of life. Through creations worn like a visible crest of love and happiness, Chopard dedicates its Happy Hearts collection to every woman with a Big Heart. The choice of a Chopard jewellery creation is that of the Chopard woman, who sees in the Maison’s commitments an echo of her own generosity, of her own high ethical standards.

Big-hearted women find in Happy Hearts designs the transparency of their origins and sense of genuine consistency with their own value system, inextricably interwoven with a desire for self-giving.